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We’re about helping you manage variability.

Whether you’re a grower, consultant, supplier, or researcher—you have something in common: your fields vary. The variability may be in water-holding capacity, organic matter, yield potential, nematode pressure, soil pH—or many other possibilities. One thing is certain—managing these fields as if they were uniform is not the best strategy.

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UPCOMING WEBINARL: Soil carbon: Is it a measurable resource at scale?


Farmers will only get the highest return for their carbon if they can accurately measure it across their farm. On-the-go soil mapping has emerged over the past several decades as a viable technology for measuring soil properties – especially electrical conductivity (EC), pH, and Organic Carbon – at high resolutions. Adapting this technology for soil carbon farming will allow farms to sell their carbon at the highest value for each megaton sequestered.  Additionally, because these soil properties are often some of the biggest yield determining factors, the maps can also be used to optimize fertilizer, seed, lime and other inputs.


Carbon Ag CEO Brad Wisewould will start the session by providing an insight into how farmers can enhance crop productivity by improving soil structure and soil biological activity.


Veris Technologies Executive, Tyler Lund, will then present the intricacies of on-the-go soil mapping as a complementary technology to traditional soil sampling that unlocks smarter management decisions previously unattainable in ag. 


This live webinar is for farmers, agronomists/ consultants, or researchers and will cover:

·          the benefits of on-the-go soil mapping

·         how we can best make use of soil map information,

·         and what new technologies are on the horizon for on the go soil mapping. 


Join us after the session for a live Q & A session with Tyler, Brad (Carbon Ag) and Andrew and Jon (Stratus Imaging).


Key Information:

Date: Wednesday 14 July 2021

Time: 9AM Australian Western Standard Time (Perth time)

Register here:

For more information, contact or  or see

Controller Files

FieldFusion™ exports prescription files in .shp file format that is accepted by the majority of variable rate capable controllers.  Manufacturers of legacy controllers often provide conversion tools like John Deere’s Rx Converter for older GS2 display.

Compatible Software*

Ag Leader® SMS™           ArcGIS               Google Earth         MapShots AgStudio         Trimble Farm Works™       SST Summit                 

*Any software that allows the import of .txt or .shp files can accommodate Veris® Soil Data

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