The Internet of Things (IoT)

Building a network of growers to collect and share data with IoT technology

Stratus Imaging partners with EnviroEye to provide tailored IoT, software and analytical solutions that provide meaningful data to Australia’s Viticulture, Horticulture Broadacre and Livestock sectors. 

IoT technology is used to collect environmental data, such as temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed and soil moisture. This data is then used to improve the quality and quantity of harvested crops, while minimising risk and waste.

IoT stands for “Internet of Things” and refers to a network that connects hardware components and people with the Internet in order to collect and share data. Examples of IoT devices, are smart devices, connected to the Internet: such as microwaves that can be automatically turned on from a phone app, self-driving Internet-connected cars that detect objects in front of them and report them, and many others. Basically, any device with sensors that can connect to the Internet to share data, be contacted, or communicate through the internet, can be referred to as an IoT device. In agriculture, IoT is used for many varied purposes. For example, water management and measuring livestock life functions to know exactly when they may be fertile, and so on.

In recent years, there is a buzz happening around IoT technologies,and whilst some industries and verticals received them very well, agriculture seems to have taken a more careful approach, and the majority of growers are still looking at IoT from a distance. Who can resent farmers?many don’t see how you can benefit from implementing this technology. So let’s start at the beginning, what is IoT and how can vineyards managers, winegrowers, horticulturalists, pastoralists and growers benefit from it?

In the field, IoT technology is mostly used to collect environmental data such as temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed, soil moisture, etc.,and use this data to improve the quality and quantity of harvested grapes, whilst minimising risk and waste. IoT combines hardware and software platforms for remote monitoring of vineyards & horticultural crops. Wireless sensors are deployed throughout the vineyard or crop collecting data about the micro climatic, soil, and physical conditions of the plants. While software platforms are processing and presenting  this data in a way which enable the decision makers to make informed decisions on daily basis. Some examples of informed daily decisions are, control pests and diseases, irrigate smarter, predict an optimal harvest moment, and thus bring down the labour costs and increase growers profitability.

Precision Water Management

Irrigated or rain fed, the amount of water available to your vines is critical. Our Smart Soil Starter Pack gives real time monitoring of soil conditions and a 7 day localised evapotranspiration forecast, meaning you can stay of top of things from the ease of your phone or laptop using Vinehub.

Vineyard Climate

With a view of what’s happening under the ground, let’s now capture what’s going on above the ground.

Included in our Smart Soil Starter Pack is a weather station, giving you accurate vineyard weather forecasts, conditions and historical data, all in our integrated Vinehub platform.

Yield Management

Planning and executing harvest is so critical and knowing exactly what’s coming off the vineyard is absolutely vital.

We combine in-field methods with satellite imagery to provide forward yield estimates. While our yield monitors can be fitted to most operations, providing bay-by-bay, GPS located yield measurements which are fed to the winery in real time via our Vinehub platform.

Vine Balance

Using satellite or UAV (drone) imagery we can produce vigour maps based on Plant Cell Density (PCD) or Normalised Difference Vegetative Index (NDVI).

Through our integrated platform Vinehub, use these maps to plan and execute pruning as well as your under-vine practices.

Spray Management

Our Tractor Tracca means you can track the application of spray for any tractor ensuring no row is ever missed.

Clever GPS records spraying along with localised weather, automatically filling in your spray diary.

As with everything we do, its all via our single, integrated app, helping minimise pest & disease risks.

Remote Control

With a remote real time view of what’s happening in the vineyard, wouldn’t it be great to be able to control things remotely as well?

Our pump and valves controllers can be retro-fitted to almost any system, while our in-line flow meters and security offerings like license plate recognition cameras give you peace of mind, all from within Vinehub.

Finally, everything in one place

Record every aspect of your vineyard’s management and operation, from spray diaries, to weather statistics through to block-by-block, year-on-year yield data.

Finally a single place for everything that’s important to you and your vineyard. See trends, gain insights, make informed decisions and improve your profitability.


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