Stratus Imaging drones deployed to WA’s north to help battle fall armyworm

Stratus Imaging has been deployed to Kununurra as part of a project to detect and control fall armyworm in maize crops in the region. 

Working with the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) and the Ord River District Co-operative (ORDCO) on the project, initial drone data and images have shown great promise in assisting with early detection and control responses in the fight against the pest. 

Jonathan Smith, General Manager of Stratus Imaging says that the collaboration between DPIRD, ORDCO and the farmers has provided first hand knowledge of the devastating impact of the fall armyworm on the farming community.

“We’re really pleased with the results delivered in the first two flights and look forward to seeing the patterns that emerge over the remaining flights.  

We are excited that our technology has been used now in both Western Australia and Queensland in efforts to control and minimise the impact of this destructive pest,” he said. 

Fall armyworm is a voracious pest that can cause significant production losses to grass crops, such as maize, sweet corn and sorghum. It is is known to feed on more than 350 plant species, including other grain, fodder, fruit and vegetable crops.

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