Stratus Imaging and Carbon Ag partner to bring the latest in Veris soil mapping technology to W.A

Uncover missed opportunities with Veris soil mapping

Veris U Series (Dry / Wet Hire)

Veris U Series scans a field’s major physical, biological and chemical properties to help you manage each acre to its full potential. It’s a new soil sensor solution to help increase profitability by removing errors in alternative precision management zones and maps electric conductivity, organic matter and soil pH.

Veris P4000 (Dry / Wet Hire or Purchase)

The Veris 4-Sensor probe acquires spectral measurements in the Infrared and Red range, along with soil EC and insertion force sensing. Choose either a tractor-mounted or truck-bed skid mount. Both feature 54” (137 cm) stroke cylinders, hydraulic side-shift, convenient controls, and heavy-duty construction. See full spec list here.

Veris iScan+ (Dry hire or Purchase)

The Veris iScan+ provides real-time sensing capabilities to optimize implement adjustments and caution against yield robbing mistakes. All while providing high-resolution soil mapping for long term precision ag management. Read more here.

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All equipment now available to hire and/or purchase. Contact us for more information or see more information about the range of Veris soil mapping equipment

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