Drone Aerial Application

Stratus Imaging is Western Australia’s only company with Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) approved instrument rating to fly up to five drones with one pilot and one controller at once for aerial application. We hold an Aerial Application Association of Australia (AAAA) certificate and a Pest Management Technician Licence (2433) issued by the WA Dept. of Health

Previously, unmanned aerial vehicle operators were only able to cover limited areas with one drone. Now, for the first time in Australia, Stratus Imaging, in partnership with iconic agricultural company Landmark and Chinese-founded drone manufacturer XAG, is able to fly up to five drones at a time, swarming up to 20ha per hour.

We provide this Aerial Application service to the agriculture industry (broad-acre, viticulture, horticulture and tree crops), mine sites (rehabilitation), golf courses, forestry, turf farms, local councils and government shires.

Stratus Imaging & Nutrien Ag Solutions are working together to provide aerial applications services in WA under the AeroShield brand


As the perfect fusion of performance and design, P30  Plant Protection UAS is equipped with the new SUPERX3 RTK Flight Control System and XAI agricultural intelligence engine. P30 redefines the technological boundaries of the UAV industry with advanced industrial designs, dynamic propulsion system, and complete water-resistant performance


Millimeter-wave radar can accurately trace terrain fluctuation up to 30 meters above the ground at all kinds of terrain. This ensures that P30 can fly stable at the set relative altitude above the perceived terrain type. 40° coning-angle terrain-tracing keeps variation≤10cm. When GNSS RTK or GPS is interfered, the optic positioning module will be activated automatically to reassure flight safety, even at nights


With Autonomous flying, the P30 can be operated without laying hands on a manual controller; Supports swarm operation with one pilot operating multiple UASs, significantly improves operational efficiency. Infrared sensors allow night operations, making the most use of time during busy farming seasons


The newly redesigned high-speed atomizing nozzles provide IP67 rated protection, lasts longer and easy to maintain ; Wider range for atomized droplets (85μm – 550μm); Richer volume (0 – 1.2L/min); The nozzle can instantaneously start and stop; Thermal sensing technology provides support data for thermal sensitive chemicals; Using AI prescriptions to help finding best spraying solution for different pest and weed problems

Coming Soon

XAG JetSeed™ Granule Spreading System

An automatic spreading machine designed for seeding, fertilisation and plant protection, JetSeed™ is engineered to set free the agriculture production world. Compatible with latest XAG® P30 Plant Protection UAS. Featured with high-speed, focused airflow. Granules such as seeds and fertilisers, propelled by powerful, stable jets of air, are projected effectively and precisely to wherever needed. Harnessing XAG SUPERX®3 Pro autonomous flight control system and RTK high-accuracy navigation network, JetSeed™ elevates its spreading precision to an unprecedented new level.

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