Time to make science-based decisions. Our Actionable insights allow immediate corrective action.


Save on inputs, using the most accurate and advanced platform

It’s time to stop wasting our precious water & nutrients and become more efficient in how we manage our farms: Just the right amount, in the right place, at the right time.

We help optimize input application, leading to significant water, fertilizer, energy and labor savings.
CropX’s technology has been validated in the field with over 30% demonstrated water savings.


Get the most out of your fields – bigger, better yields

Our models constantly adapt to the crop’s growth stage and to the changing conditions of the soil and weather, to provide crop-specific recommendations that help achieving maximal yield, validated in the field to generate a 10% crop-yield enhancement.


Make farming sustainable again

If we want our agricultural lands to continue producing the food we eat for many more years, we must start taking better care of our soils.

We help optimizing inputs and monitoring the movement of water and agrichemicals in the soil to minimize environmental pollution and prevent leaching, runoff and unnecessary resource expenditures



Adaptive, Variable-rate Irrigation Management & Automation


The CropX app can help figure out exactly how much to irrigate the field, by providing an irrigation prescription that is constantly adapting to the changing conditions of the field.

By factoring in thousands of data points from previous cases, we can predict water-uptake patterns, detect faulty irrigation system and burst pipes and improve the decision-making process.



Crop-specific management: Solving crop variability and risk

By analyzing crop growth against crop models, we can predict the crop’s needs and expected growth, and can detect any deviation and identify early-stage field variability and non-uniformity of crop growth.

We provide crop-specific recommendations and send alerts about field segments that need attention due to potential risk from pests or diseases.

Do your plants have problems? We’ll know before they do.



Optimized fertilizer management to reduce crop loss

We take crop loss very seriously and ensuring that nitrogen is available to crops when they need it most is one important step to reducing crop loss.

We integrate crop models, satellite imagery and weather forecast data alongside the soil data we analyze to optimize fertilizer availability and create crop-specific application recommendations.

Revolutionizing Soil Sensing

Pioneering wireless connectivity by efficiently collecting, packing and transmitting data directly to the cloud even in remote areas, offering satellite, LoRaWan and cellular connectivity.

Our price point allows us to be the only Affordable solution for all crop types, and there are no setup costs or any other infrastructural limitations.

Patented spiral geometry allows unprecedented accuracy, preventing biased results due to preferential flow.

Most sensors entail pricey, lengthy and complex calibration and installation processes, whereas our self-calibrating sensor could be installed by anyone within 5 minutes, allowing simple & scalable deployment over short time periods

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